how to plant aspen trees

Asked April 7, 2015, 6:13 PM EDT

How far do I need to space aspen trees from my house foundation? How far should I space 2' aspen saplings from each other? How often should I water the 2' saplings? What should I add to rocky/sandy soil before planting the aspen?

Boulder County Colorado

1 Response

Aspen trees should be planted far enough from the house so that the roots will not be restricted by the foundation. We suggest that you plant them at least 10 feet apart so the mature trees will not overlap each other. Please follow this link to a fact sheet from Colorado State University Extension on Aspen Trees for information about the soil conditions for planting aspen trees.

Water the trees several times a week during the summer season unless there is enough precipitation to keep the soil moist. Water monthly during the winter. Newly planted trees need more water than established trees.