Peach leaf curl

Asked April 7, 2015, 1:30 PM EDT

Several years ago we lost our only peach tree to leaf curl. We would like to plant another one but have heard that it will likely get the disease also. Is this correct?

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

Resistant cultivars offer the best option. Trees may still die due to other problems such as shothole and/or bacterial canker. The following peach or nectarine cultivars are offered by a variety of west coast nurseries as curl resistant: 'Autumn Rose', 'August Etter', 'Avalon', 'Avalon Pride', 'Charlotte', 'Early Charlotte', 'Early Crawford', 'Frost', 'Indian Free', 'Kreibich', 'Muir', 'Nanaimo', 'Oregon Curl Free', and 'Q-1-8'.