Star of Bethlehem

Asked April 6, 2015, 4:47 PM EDT

I heard on KSL radio's Saturday morning master gardener program, a discussion about people trying to get rid of the Star of Bethlehem flowers in their yard. I love them and would be happy to come and get them. How can I connect with others who want to share or get rid of their "Star of Bethlehem?"

Salt Lake County Utah

1 Response

As one who is "blessed" with this plant, I understand the difficulty faced in controlling it once it take hold of your yard.

Where do you live? It is prevalent in certain sections of Salt Lake City (usually older, historical districts). I am unaware of nurseries selling this product, but I also do not think there are any bans or restrictions on planting it.

The bulbs range from giant to tiny, and you should be able to dig the bulbs and plant them very easily.

I would recommend you post a request in your local classified ads.