Reeds overtaking pond. Don't want to destroy habitat.

Asked April 5, 2015, 7:15 PM EDT

In the Woods subdivision we have a small pond at our home. The reeds are taking over

Hardin County Kentucky

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A Glyphosate product will have the best control on cattails/reeds in a pond setting. These products commonly go by the trade name "Rodeo", "Refuge", etc... Glyphosate products will be the safest product to use in a residential setting, and pose no threat to fish or wildlife using the pond. These products can be readily found at any local farm supply stores (Southern States, Tractor Supply Company, Orschlen). Consult the label of the specific product for use rate.

Other than chemically, the only other control option would be to cut, pull, or dig the plants out by hand, but it would be difficult to get total control this way.