Glazed or unglazed planter?

Asked April 2, 2015, 12:54 PM EDT

I have a 30 year old very very large philodendron house plant. ( elephant ear split leaf). It is very bound in a 20" unglazed tetra cotta pot. It now dries out rapidly after watering and leaves turn yellow. I thought I would re pot to a glazed 24"ceramic planter to hold moisture in better. Is that a good choice, or is a more breathable unglazed pot a better choice. What other tips can you give me for soil and drainage? ( please answer by today late afternoon, urgent!) Thank you!

Boulder County Colorado

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Hi there, Yes repotting it is a good idea, and the glazed pot will help keep it from drying out as fast. I don't think one is better than the other but either way, make sure it has holes in the bottom for drainage. I recommened you use a plant moiture meter to determine how much moisture is in the bottom of your pot so you don't over water... those big pots are hard to tell as the top may be bone dry but the bottom still soggy.. which may be why you have yellowing leaves. Good potting soil is a must and don't fertilize until it's had a chance to re-establish in it's new pot. hope that helps, good luck