Birch trees - trimmed and bleeding

Asked April 2, 2015, 8:42 AM EDT

Good morning I have 8-6 year old birch trees in good shape that I have pruned each year in February. This year, I was late in trimming them, and pruned them a week or so ago. It seems that everywhere that I have pruned and cut is now bleeding sap. The sap freezes in the morning and looks like icicles, and then as the day gets warmer, drips off the trees. Even the small branches I cut are dripping. Not sure what to do, if anything, to help this situation, and wonder if now I have put the trees in danger. Thank you in have always given us such excellent advice in the past, and actually helped saved these same trees when we first planted them and covered them too deeply with mulch.

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The copious amounts of sap that can bleed from a cut this time of year can be alarming. However, it will not harm the tree. The wound will heal. Do not apply "wound dressing" or anything to the cut--it only slows down the healing process.
Do try to prune earlier next time, of course.

Glad we were able to be of help in the past, too.