Growing native plants in Huron County, Michigan

Asked April 1, 2015, 7:24 PM EDT

Can I purchase a publication about native plants in Huron County, Michigan?

Huron County Michigan

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MSU Extension does not have a book or a bulletin that I am aware of.

Native plants are grouped by regions and not states. Michigan would share native plants with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, to mention just a few. We share similar growing conditions. Boundaries for states and counties are created by humans long after plants were growing. And plants are all over a region and not restricted to a small area in most cases.

You want to look for books about native plants in the Midwest or Northeast. These books will list what states they cover. Obviously, look for Michigan.

Or if you just want an identification book, "A Field Guide to Wildflowers" by Peterson and McKenny (Houghton Mifflin Co., Library of Congress Catalog Card Number : 67-13042) is good because it identifies plants and tells you if they are native to the U.S. or alien. It is broken out by flower colors so if the plant is blooming, it is easy

The best thing to do is periodically purchase books and build your own little library. Find titles or look at the local library. Then list them so your family knows what you want for birthdays or Christmas... or Arbor Day!.

thank you so much. I did just buy Petersons medicinal herbs for my area. But I think I will try to get my hands on the wildflower one also.
Kindest regards, Liz

Good luck! When you know most of the plants around you, you are home.