Name of evergreen plant

Asked April 1, 2015, 10:17 AM EDT

my daughter has just purchased a home with 4 of these evergreens & would like to know the name. They are mature & approx. 25' high. The needles & stem are prickly when rubbed in the wrong direction. They have the shape of a Lyland Cypress. Also there are many Sweet Gum trees on her property & she doesn't want them due the gumballs dropping on the ground. She is considering cutting them down. Are these trees good for firewood & is there any other demand for the wood. She would give it away free. Thank you

Dorchester County Maryland

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First, please leave the sweet gums if at all possible. These are excellent native trees with good shape, exceptional fall color and much value for wildlife. The gumballs are considered ornamental when they hang on the trees. The gumballs will disintegrate during the spring and usually do not require raking or any other maintenance.

The tree photos look like Leyland cypress to us. The scales do not appear large enough to be arbor vitae. See this website so see the arbor vitae scales:

Look at this website for Leyland cypress identification: (You can click on the individual phtos for a close-up look.)