30 year old camelia tree shedding leaves

Asked April 1, 2015, 9:43 AM EDT

My Camellia is dropping leaves, yet flowering. It gets plenty of water, and sun. My 2nd camellia is fine,w/ just a little freeze on the leaves. I haven't fed it for the season, but I did last year with Hollytone. It is a double-tree. I am sick about this. Please help. I am willing to try anything. Any suggestions.

Montgomery County Maryland

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It's lively that your blooming camellia has suffered winter damage. If so, it should put out new leaves this spring, which just requires patience.

If the branches are actually dead, you will know because they will be brittle or there will be no green under the bark when you scratch it. If you see green under the bark, the shrub is still alive and, as long as it has a decent root system, it should have enough stored energy to put out new growth this spring.