What variety of Wisteria is this?

Asked March 31, 2015, 5:27 PM EDT

A friend of mine gave me some small plants that have been grown from her wisteria plant's seeds. She didn't know what type it is. I need to know if it is the invasive, Japanese or Chinese (?) variety, or maybe an American/Kentucky variety? Is there any way to tell? Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland

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it is difficult to distinguish between these wisterias when you only have leaves to help you. That's because the leaf size of the American wisteria is smaller, but it still falls within the size range of the others.
It will be easier if you can ask your friend a few questions. The American wisteria blooms much later than the exotic ones. Japanese and Chinese bloom size is much large. When American blooms, the leaves are already fully out. Also, the seed pot is NOT hairy. The Chinese and Japanese seed pot is fuzzy.
Your friend will probably be able to tell you whether she has seen these things or not.
Here is a chart that gives how to tell the difference: http://www.namethatplant.net/article_wisteria.shtml