What is the best way to transplant rhubarb?

Asked March 28, 2015, 8:13 PM EDT

We are moving from our house to another house in the same town. I would like to transplant some of my rhubarb to our new home. The rhubarb patch is over 40 50 years old and I have gotten wonderful stalks from it! Hate to leave it behind. What is the best way to transplant it at the new house, and the best way to dig it up and move it?

Meeker County Minnesota

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Thank you for your question regarding your rhubarb. Early spring is the best time to transplant rhubarb. When the soil is workable dig around the plant you are transplanting. Take care to dig very deep. Plants can be split by cutting off sections with three or more buds using a large, sharp knife. Rhubarb is hardy for transplanting but does need to go in soil and have continued watering right away. If you are unable to place in the ground right away it should be placed in a pot with potting soil. It is best to let the plant establish itself 1-2 years prior to harvesting. All the best with your move.