why is it so difficult to find out where popeyes get thier chickens

Asked March 27, 2015, 10:09 PM EDT

I called popeyes headquarters and asked where they got thier chicken because I like it so well customer service transferred me to a number to answer my question they told me they had no answer but would send me a report I was stunned and said you mean no one there can tell me and she only said we will send you a report I felt they were trying to hide something and now concerned about eating there since they won't answer my questions ,I also like eating at in and out and they are very open about where they get thier meats I just like to know what I am eating and surprised others don't feel the same way can you find the answer

Yolo County California

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They may not know exactly where the chicken comes from. They should be able to tell you what company sells them the chicken - but most companies are national and the chicken could come from anywhere in the country. They are typically able to track a particular batch of chicken back to the farm it came from, but don't have a general statement on where there chicken as a whole comes from. This is the same with any of the chain restaurants, not just Popeye.