What can be done about rabbits living under my patio?

Asked March 25, 2015, 8:30 PM EDT

Hello not sure what to do. Last fall at the end of September I noticed rabbits would occasionally appear in my small fenced in back yard. On another occasion realized that they were pushing underneath my gate to get in. Then after winter began I noticed they were going under my patio. Its a TREX patio and the former owners put lattice like boards underneath the patio and evidently that has not stopped them. Now it is spring and they definitely are living under my patio. I do not have pets, but would like to go out on my patio this summer. Not sure what to do. Should I call a wildlife help ctr. or the City of Westminster where I live? Could they bite me? Would they have rabies?Would they hide while I am outside and only come out when I am not out there? It is dusk right now and I have seen three go by my patio door in the last 30 minutes. May I have your suggestions? Not sure if I can take my Nieces, nephews and family outside for get togethers. (?)

Adams County Colorado

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Last fall the rabbits were looking for a safe place to spend the winter. This time of year they are looking for a place to build a nest. They may be the same place. With no pets your fenced yard is safe from most predators and provides food in the lawn and shrubs you have. Their urine will create dead spots in the lawn unless you water a lot to leach out the urine.

They will dig holes to nest in under the deck or under a shrub or rock. I would recommend plugging the hole where they are getting in the yard and then work to remove them from the fenced in area.

For a list of wildlife control specialists you can check the yellow pages in the phone book, check online or call the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. The URL for the parks and wildlife is; http://cpw.state.co.us/ At the bottom click on "Contact us".

I am including the URL to information on cottontail rabbits as well. If you decide to try to control them yourself, this fact sheet may give you ideas on what you want to try.

http://icwdm.org/handbook/mammals/mam_d75.pdf (Cottontail Rabbits)

After looking over the fact sheet if you have questions get back in touch.

Good Luck,