growing a test of guar

Asked March 25, 2015, 4:45 PM EDT

Dear sirs
I am looking to do a test plot 10 acres of guar in utah any info on growing would be helpful.
I cannot seem to locate a source for seed 100 - 200 lbs.
Talked to west texas Guar if I got a crop sending small quantity back to texas panhandle doesn't make business sense please help me find a seed source From what I have researched you have modified this seed?

San Juan County Utah

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry about guar. My name is Calvin Trostle, professor & Extension agronomist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Lubbock, TX. My direct e-mail if that is more convenient is West Texas Guar, Brownfield, TX went through bankruptcy and is no longer in business. Guar Resources LLC bought the assets and liabilities of WTG, and a contact for them is Mr. Cole Vestal,, office 806.637.4662. They may be interested in selling you the seed. Another seed supply is the Texas Foundation Seed Service,, Mr. Steve Brown, His seed will be Lewis, Kinman, or Santa Cruz, but his seed is of a higher genetic certainty so would cost more. Target seeding rates are about 8 lbs./A form the company, though 5-6 should be adequate.

I assume this would be irrigated? What is your elevation? Guar is a heat tolerant/drought tolerant crop, and needs warmer soil temperatures (near 70 F) so I am guessing that San Juan Co. is a tight fit and/or night time temps may cool more than we'd like for guar (less than 60 F?). I would picture you planting in that area by May 20-30 not knowing what fall temperatures might do starting in September.

Let this be a starter to your questions. There are more guar resources on the web at though I need to get these updated a bit.

There is currently only one "splitter" operating in the U.S., Guar Resources, Brownfield, TX. Another is being built at Altus, OK. Prices this year are down considerably due to the tail off in oilfield drilling operations--and guar gum use. One farmer did deliver guar to WTG from Pinal Co., Arizona, but that was when the contract price was $0.35-0.45/lb. (2012, 2013), but I am not sure we will see $0.25/lb. this year or not.

Finally, guar seed has seen little genetic improvement since the above three named varieties were released in the late 1970s to 1985. For your elevation and anticipated cooler conditions I would anticipate that Lewis & Kinman are better bets. There are two 2000s era varieties that were released, but the developer has never worked out seed supplies and royalties (they are protected), so Monument (to some extent shorter maturity) and Matador are not commercially available. No guar line is GMO.

Calvin Trostle, Ph.D., (806) 746-6101
Texas A&M AgriLife, Lubbock, TX