Hi, I have ½ Doz Cupressus Leylandi ( Conifers ? ) growing across the Front...

Asked March 25, 2015, 5:06 AM EDT

Hi, I have ½ Doz Cupressus Leylandi ( Conifers ? ) growing across the Front of my house at the Fence line. They are approx. 25yrs old. Early November 2014 To Young guys (19 -23 yr olds )from the Electricity Company's Poles and Wires maintenance department came onto my property whilst I wasn't there and hacked into 3 of the above trees and took away with Parts of trunks and Branches... they did not just lop them back just to 2.5mt-3.0mt distance from the wire but in place (Mostly ) back to 5 to 8 mts. They have lopped the back to 1 inch from the trunks and not to a junction where New Branches may Sprout. I would like to know if it is possible to take New Growth Cuttings and place them into the area between the Bark and the Wood of the Main Trunk and Graft them.... and hopefully have them grow and fill the Area that has been removed...... Even if they grow vertically ,... I may be able to Train them to become Horizontal... and fill in the Void. I hope I have explained myself clear enough ... I would love to have some greenery back where it was.... I was shocked when first saw what they had done. Attached are some Pics of the Chopped trees. Regards... Ron Sydney, Australia

Outside United States

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Ron. Thanks for the inquiry. I understand perfectly what you are asking. Sorry about your trees. This would really not be practical. The cypress do not grow well, are not well adapted for the grafting method, techniques you are describing. Nothing to really do here. It is just a mess. This happens in USA also.

Hi Allen, Thank you for your reply..... even though it wasn't what I was hoping for ... but I suspected that, that would be the answer I would get. ( Life would just be getting too easy if it was the other ... Back in the 1970-80's one our prime ministers famously said " Life wasn't meant to be easy " ) . May be I could make a wish to the "Tree Fairy Godmother"... and they might all grow back until Midnight each day ☺ Re .."it Happens i the USA also".... It was an American Company from Texas (I think ) " ASPLUNDH" http://www.asplundh.com/index.htm I had other trees with a lot of Foliage and closer to the wires ...They were Left alone ... I think because there was wood chip value in them. There is a couple more pics added Thanks again for your help... Regards... Ron