compost for new garden

Asked March 23, 2015, 11:17 PM EDT

Doing a three tiered garden over existing lawn. Do you have compost for sale at your extension.
Should I have my soil tested 1st.? Also, what kind of soil/fertilizer would you recommend for for outdoor potting /earthbox.

Jefferson County Colorado soil and fertility issues

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We do not sell any gardening products through our extension program.
If you are planning to use the soil that is underneath your lawn, be sure to rototill compost and/or added soil into it. You don't want layers of soil on top of each other as that will interfere with water flow through the garden and affect root development. You can purchase garden soil for outdoor use in landscape yards or in bags, depending on how large your beds will be. Avoid potting soil. After the first year, you can get your soil tested to see what if anything you need to do.
This information sheet may provide additional information for you:
Good luck!