Young Pecan Tree and Fire Ant hill

Asked March 23, 2015, 10:52 AM EDT

I just planted a Pecan tree in early February (about 6 weeks ago). Now, I just noticed a fire-ant hill about seven inches high pretty close to it (picture enclosed). Can I use a pesticide like Amdro that I normally use to kill fire ants in my yard to kill the mound or do you think it would kill the Pecan tree?

Also, do I need to remove the grass growing close to the tree to create a grass-free area around it?

Harris County Texas

1 Response

You can treat the mound with Amdro without affecting the tree. The fire ant bait will not cause problems for the tree.

Once you knockout the mound, clearing a 3' circle around the tree and mulching (3" layer) will help minimize stress. The mulch will reduce weeds and also control soil moisture.

Here is a link to information on fire ants.

Thanks for the question.