We have a 10ft cedar tree that was planted 2yrs ago. It survived last years...

Asked March 22, 2015, 7:48 PM EDT

We have a 10ft cedar tree that was planted 2yrs ago. It survived last years harsh winter, but this year the top part has a lot of brown needles. Is there a chance new needles will grow to make the top part of the tree look green again? And is there anything we should do to improve the recovery, like fertilizer stakes, mulch, or water? The same issue applies to a Yoshino cryptomeria we just had planted in October 2014.

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We are not sure what you may be dealing with. First it would be helpful to idenifty the type of cedar tree. We would like to see photos of the two trees. Send photos of the trees, around their bases, and the affected needles. Usually when trees are less than a year old the trees are subject to abiotic issues such as planting too deeply, drought, too much mulch, poor soil drainage, etc. and not disease and insect problems but we cannot say for sure. 'Yoshino' cryptomeria turns a bronze green in cold weather.

At this point, all you can do is look for new growth. Then you will have to decide on pruning dead wood, if need be. Water during dry periods this growing season and keep mulch no thicker than several inches and away from the trunks. We do not recommend fertilizer stakes as there may be too much fertilizer in one area and not enough in another. Roots can also be burned.