Growing Redwood tree indoors

Asked March 22, 2015, 6:43 PM EDT

Hi, I'm not sure if this problem is within your realm of expertise, but here goes. I've been growing a Redwood tree indoors for about 3 years now (purchased at Redwood National Park where my daughter was a Park Ranger). It is now about 48 inches tall and has been transplanted 3 times. I water regularly and also mist regularly but have never fertilized it. It has been very healthy until the last few months. The branches are looking and feeling dry and some are turning brown. I'm wondering if you'd know whether it should be fertilized and is so, with what? It is outside in the warmer weather and happy to be there. Thank you for any information you can provide to me. Nancy

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania

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Potted plant soil runs out of nutrients as the plant absorbs them, so possibly there aren't enough left in the soil to support your redwood. A good way to re-energize your soil is to add hummus and compost as a top dressing. Also, a 10-10-10 fertilizer may help

However, very soon your redwood should to be planted outdoors because it needs to develop its root system in a way that will support its growth to a very large tree. It may be past the point where it can thrive as a potted plant and is shedding needles as a result.