colorado blue spruce dying

Asked March 20, 2015, 8:51 PM EDT

My 50 year old colorado blue spruce is losing its needles and looking very skimpy. Evergreens all over casper seem to be dying. Is there something i can do to save my evergreen.

Natrona County Wyoming

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The blue spruce have not tended to be affected by the cold weather change that affected most of the rest of our evergreens in the region.

I would first suspect that your Colorado blue spruce is under watered in our high plains desert conditions. The best recommendation we can give for both issues is the same. Evergreens need winter watering. When temperatures are above 45 degrees and the wind is not blowing we suggest you get out garden hoses and do some winter watering. The snow we have had has melted into our dry soils and improved conditions for trees, but they can usually use more than we get and we are in drought conditions this winter as snowfall has been below normal and normal is still below what evergreens need most winters.

If you would like more information please contact our local office at (307) 235-9400.

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