Can you please help me identify this plant?

Asked March 20, 2015, 9:15 AM EDT

I saw this plant while visiting Possum Kingdom and would really like to find out if it will grow in N. Texas but I have been unable to find out the name to research.

Tarrant County Texas

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What you have is one of the flowering spurges, the Euphobia Family. Exactly which one is difficult to tell from the photos, but they all have similar growth forms and wider or narrower leaves. Please note that many of these are classified as noxious weeds or invasive plants in various states.

You can look at the traits of the following:

Creeping Spurge, Donkey Tail, Myrtle Spurge, Euphorbia myrsinites

Gopher spurge, Euphorbia lathyris

Mediterranean Spurge, Euphobia characias

Cushion Spurge, Euphorbia Polychroma

And then there are the spurges you probably don't want and maybe have been trying to get rid of: The lawn weed Spotted Spurge, Euphorbia supina

And one you definitely do NOT want to plant in Texas - Leafy spurge, Euphorbia esula, which is an invasive plant and quite destructive of the environment: