grub infestation

Asked March 19, 2015, 11:34 AM EDT

I have several patches of bare lawn from grubs. when is best time to treat excising grub infestation, and what product do you suggest to use on existing grub problem.

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Are you referring to damage now, or last fall? I just want to make sure you have a grub issue. At this time of the year, grubs aren't feeding and you could have damage from other things, depending on the setting, such as snow mold or salt damage. The best time to treat for grubs is late August or early September. There are a number of active ingredients: trichlorfon, imidacloprid, chlorantraniliprole. Trichlorfon would actually be applied during those times. The other two would go down during the summer because they are preventative.

this area of my lawn has been infested by grubs the past couple years. summer time it grows back but in the spring there are bare sport. I have dug up areas in the bare spot and there are lots of grubs in a little area I dig. I know it is from grub damage not snow, ice, salt.

Ok, your options would be to just reseed these areas if they are small, or use one of the insecticides I mentioned in the previous email.. Late summer is the best time for reseeding cool season turfgrasses,