moss invasion

Asked March 17, 2015, 1:43 PM EDT

I have a thick carpet type of moss that is choking out my vegetable garden. I found a granular material that killed the moss where treated, but it is so pervasive that it very quickly comes back as thick as before. HELP!!! What can I do to eradicate this invader?

Washington County Maryland

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Moss is an opportunist which will proliferate in conditions where other plants cannot out-compete it.
Please read through our fact sheet on moss:

You'll see that one of the 5 conditions that encourage moss is acid soil. We recommend that you take a soil test immediately to determine pH. The pH is probably low (acid) and will require adding lime. The soil test will give you a lime amount to add. (Info on soil testing is on our homepage.)
Lime takes a long time to change the soil chemistry, so the sooner done the better. Work it into the soil. Also, put a handful of lime in your tomato planting holes (mixed in well).
The other conditions are wet soil, compacted soil, shade and low fertility. All of these can be addressed by you if those are your garden's conditions.

We do not recommend adding moss killer to your garden soil.
Rake off and dispose of the moss before you till or plant this spring. It may have spores, so don't compost it. You can use it as mulch somewhere though.