winter garden

Asked March 17, 2015, 1:26 PM EDT

I picked up a flyer about winter gardening at Ag Day. The directions are clear as to how to prepare and place the containers with the seeds in them in the snow, however, it doesn't give any directions as to what to do when the plants start to grow. Once the snow recedes from around the containers, do they have to be placed in a protected area, or do you just leave them where they have been? I assume that at some point after they have started, the plants need to be taken out of the containers and transplanted. Can someone give me some guidance? Thank you. Carole Giles

Wayne County Pennsylvania

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As your seedlings begin to grow, you need to make sure they have enough water. You can expand the container's top holes to allow more airflow and to let them acclimate to the weather. Once the seedling get a few sets of leaves, you can transplant them to their permanent spots in your garden.

If your containers are in the shade now, gradually get them use to the sun by moving them for an hour or two each day. Increase this over the next few weeks. Then transplant them when you and your soil are ready.

Overall, your winter sown seeds should sprout at the right time for them. If your seeds are densely planted, you don't need to separate each seedling. Just break off a chunk of soil/seedlings and plant the sections at the proper spacing stated on the seed packet.

Please let us know if you have further questions. Have fun with your seedlings!