Multiple Stem Norfolk Island Pine

Asked March 17, 2015, 10:02 AM EDT

We purchased a Norfolk Island Pine which is four feet in height. There are multiple stems to this plant and we wish to have a single trunk. I dug down trying to discover whether these are individual plants at the base or suckers from the main tree but am unable to determine which. Can you advise?


Outside United States

2 Responses

If you can't tell by digging down into the soil, then it might be safe to assume that these were separate plants put in the same container. But regardless of whether it is more than one plant or a single plant with multiple trunks, if pruned back to just one trunk, there will likely be bare areas with no branches. These bare areas may not ever fill in. Leaving the plant as is might be your best option unless there is a compelling reason to change to a single trunk.

Thank-you. Will follow your advice.