What is best recommendation to eradicate powderpost beetles?

Asked March 16, 2015, 3:06 PM EDT

What is best recommendation to eradicate powderpost beetles? The owner installed new (hickory) flooring in house about 3 years ago. Very small piles of a fine sawdust like material, with minute holes have appeared on the wood floors of the 1st floor. Exterminator inspected home, did not find evidence of this anywhere else and quite sure it is in the flooring on main floor, not in floor joists or anywhere else. His recommendation is to sand and varnish flooring, that this would discourage pests from emerging? Is this an accurate statement and for how long? I am wondering, once the beetles emerge, do they die? Are they leaving behind eggs that will eventually continue to bore into and damage wood? The house is on the market and as Executor of this Estate, I am concerned about liability on Estate's part if treating in this manner does not take care of the issue. I understand either way the problem has to be disclosed to a buyer. Can you provide expert advise as to what to do in this situation?

New York

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Here is a summary of information on this pest. Sealing the floor with some kind of finish will help to prevent further infestation but you need to know if beetles have moved to other locations in the house. They can reinfest existing holes. If you have other hardwood floors that are unfinished, you might want to put something on them as well. This article will give you more details for consideration in you particular situation.