Why would a one year old Golden Comet Hen not be laying eggs?

Asked March 15, 2015, 11:42 PM EDT

Why would a 1 year old not be laying eggs? I purchased two Golden Comet hens in September and was told that they were both 6 months old. One started to lay in December, the other hasn't even laid one egg. They both eat the same diet, and both drop to the ground when I go to pet them.... any ideas? Thank you for your assistance.

Suffolk County New York

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There can be several reasons why your bird isn't laying. Fortunately I can eliminate some of them do to the other hen laying. With that being said, you still might want to check your feed. Hens that are in lay need calcium and if the diet is deficient they will not lay. I always recommend feeding them a store bought layer feed, since it contains the correct amount of nutrients for egg production. Some other possible causes I would suspect are stress or broodiness. The former reason may be due to the coop situation. By that I mean the hen that is laying may be harassing the non laying hen too much. That is just the nature of chickens especially if they are in close quarters. The other potential cause could be the non laying hen is broody. You can identify that easily since it will always be sitting on the eggs.
Another possibility is that sometimes hens do not lay - usually do to illness that affected the reproductive system.

Hope this helps