growing nut trees

Asked March 15, 2015, 9:14 PM EDT

Outside of black walnut, what nut trees will produce nuts in eastern South Dakota? Are certain cultivars more productive? Can you point me to specific reference materials for more info?

Minnehaha County South Dakota

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The best black walnuts for nut production in SE SD are ‘Edras’ and ‘Mintle; both from Iowa. Shagbark hickory is another good nut tree and the cultivars ‘Cedar Rapids’ and ‘Weschcke’ are both great producers. We even have a few pecans that produce fruit in your area (but not every year – frosts can be an issue). ‘Lucas’ and ‘James” are good choices to try. Remember for cultivars you have to have one of each for fruits to be produced. American chestnut will produce nuts in eastern South Dakota and they can be excellent. Butternut (a close relative of black walnut) is also worth trying. Both these are bought typically as species rather than cultivars. Filberts as a shrub nut crop is a possibility but our frosts usually prevent much production