What grows in Maryland?

Asked March 12, 2015, 1:56 PM EDT

Where can I find the list of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in Maryland?

Prince George's County Maryland

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We are very fortunate to garden in Maryland, and can grow a great many edible things.

Here is a list of vegetable cultivars that grow well in Maryland, as well as a chart with the timing of planting for central Maryland:

The Grow It Eat It portion of our website (see the icon on our home page) is a tremendously helpful resource which has many pages of vegetable profiles, how-to's, and pest and disease information.

As for growing fruit, here are two helpful publications. Generally we recommend growing small fruits like strawberries, brambles, etc. Tree fruits need much more management for pest and diseases in our area.
Before you begin, we recommend a soil test. Here is a link to that information, including a list of labs which can complete the analysis for you: Soil Testing

Good luck growing!