Growing thyme in the Willamette Valley

Asked March 12, 2015, 12:45 PM EDT

I have always wanted a lawn of flowering thyme. I have a sunny and low traffic area lawn that I am considering turning to thyme. Do I have a chance at success in this environment, and are there any special considerations, recommended strains, or caveats for such a plan? Thanks for anything you can tell me.

Benton County Oregon

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As long as this is a sunny location, I believe you have an excellent chance of success with flowering thyme. You might consider amending the soil before you start with some compost and / or fertilizer. The first season that you plant the thyme, consider giving the plants some supplemental water -- not a great deal, but enough to keep them from drying out excessively.

There are a large number of excellent ground covers that you can also consider if you did not want to go exclusively with thyme. You might consider Oregano as an alternative planting as well. It too requires very little water except after the first season.