how to plant a small kiwi trellis

Asked March 11, 2015, 2:53 AM EDT

I have two (2) female hayward kiwi plants and one (1) male hayward kiwi plant. I got the OSU extension brochure on kiwis (which was very informative, thank you) and plan on using the t-bar trellis method with study posts. How far apart do I plant the female plants and how do I fit the male plant into the planting.

Polk County Oregon

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As the publication mentions, these are very vigorous plants indeed. It is recommended to plant the vines 15 feet apart. You can probably plant even farther apart if you have the space (and time to prune)-the plants will have no problem filling in the trellis.I don't think the actual configuration with male and female plants is really that important with that few plants. If it were my planting I suppose I would place the male in the middle. But regardless of how you plant it, if you have sufficient bee activity, your pollen will get moved satisfactorily. The only exception to that would be that the male flowers are required of course for fruit, and winter injury is a possibility on these vines, so you might want to consider locating the male vine in a situation where winter protection could be provided conveniently.