What is making these mysterious holes in my fruit trees?

Asked March 10, 2015, 11:21 PM EDT

At first I only saw this strange pattern of holes on one of my plum trees, but now almost all of my fruit trees (including the apple tree shown in the photo) have them. What is attacking my trees, and how can I stop it?

Linn County Oregon

1 Response

Here is a great link describing what to do about your holes caused by a woodpecker that enjoys visiting your trees: Who Is Making My Trees Holey?

Although it can be unsightly, they do some good also: "sapsuckers excavate nest cavities that often provide nesting or roost sites for other species of birds (for example, mountain bluebirds [Sialia currucoides]), and even some mammals (for example, northern flying squirrel [Glaucomys sabrinus]) that cannot excavate their own."