Indoor Equine Arena

Asked March 10, 2015, 1:12 PM EDT

Last November I removed the old footing and put down new sand footing and it is really dusty already. Since this past winter was so cold, it was only used a couple of times, so there would be no break down of the materials. I bought the sand from North Star Aggregates in Penfield and they had worked with someone from PSU for the sand at the Clearfield Fair Grounds. In other words, I bought the type of sand that would be correct for an indoor arena. What do you recommend that I do. It has had nothing done to it since I put it down. Thanks, Judy

Jefferson County Pennsylvania

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Dust Control - Additives to Bind the sand Particles
•Bonding agents, such as water and polymers, are added to arena surfaces primarily to reduce dust.
•Oil based products add weight and bind
•Hygroscopic agents - such as magnesium chloride & calcium chloride will take up and retain water. Reduces the frequency of watering

But I would first start by adding water --Now that the weather has a few days above freezing you will need to begin watering the arena surface and it will take time and effort to get the mosture levels evenly up to the following. Begin adding water when to the surface and keep adding when it begins to show dryness. This will preserve underlying moisture. Check moisture level weekly (moisture content of 8% to 12%).