When can I plant bare-root strawberries

Asked March 9, 2015, 7:24 PM EDT

At my 7,400-foot altitude, our average last-frost date is usually around the third week of May. My bare-root strawberries were just delivered. Should I plant them outside now in the cold (unfrozen, wet) ground? Should I store the roots somehow and wait for frost-free weather? Or should I plant them now in temporary pots indoors under artificial light, then transplant later?

El Paso County Colorado

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in our climate strawberries should be planted from mid to end of May.
The survival of the plants in storage might compromise the growth/survival later on. I would recommend to either plant them now and cover them with clear plastic during a snow storm or cold spell, keeping them uncovered during days like today when temperatures are in the upper 60's and 70's. You should make sure that the plants would receive air and ventilation if you cover with plastic and leave it on, otherwise they would get to hot underneath. Row-covers might be an option too.
Another possibility could be planting them in pots and replanting later on.
You could try both ways and see which plants succeed.
I know to take care of roots till May would be a challenge.