Waste Plant Compost

Asked March 9, 2015, 2:15 PM EDT

I have two small areas that I have been growing my vegetables. I want to use the processed waste compost from the waste plant here in Gillette, Wyoming. What would you recommend to use in my two areas? One is around 20' x 25', and the other is 5' x 25'. Each year I have added some Miracle-Gro garden soil to the area, and that gets fairly expensive. I wanted your suggestion on using it and the amount to use for my gardening area.

Campbell County Wyoming compost

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You have two options...either biosolids (which isn't a bad option for flowers as a compost) or just regular (yard compost) compost. Regular compost is $15/truckload and likely your best option for growing vegetables because you are able to view the test results and you can add as much as the bed needs and till in with whatever is already there. The regular compost is very fluffy, so it will need to be mixed with some other type of soil and tends to be high in nitrogen.

Feel free to contact Hannah at the extension office if you would like to speak with her about it @ (307) 682-7281.