coastal Bermuda fertilizer

Asked March 9, 2015, 1:44 PM EDT

In very sandy soil, along the Brazos River, What is the best fertilizer and amounts per acre? Well established coastal Bermuda. Full sun, irrigation possible. Weed control is also an issue.

McLennan County Texas

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Best fertilizer suggestions depends on what you are growing grass for. Is this for hay production, erosion control, light grazing, intense grazing, whats your goal?

There are commercial blends available and ratios/rates will vary depending on what soil nutrients are available for plants. I recommend a soil test be taken first to determine what soil nutrients are in your soil profile. You can pick up the paperwork at our office or online at we do have the bags to collect samples and package them. Put the bags in a sturdy cardboard box and mail to the address on the submittal form.

Weed control is another topic. I would need to know what weeds are growing, what has been traditionally done and use of the area being sprayed for weeds.