Liquid after butter making? Thank you.

Asked March 9, 2015, 1:00 AM EDT

Hello! I have only made soft cheese two or three times as a Master Food Preserver. A friend stumped me with her question. She made butter from nothing but heavy whipping cream using a Kitchenaid mixer. She yielded about 80 percent butter and 20 percent of a liquid she describes as too thick to be whey. She has refrigerated it. Can it become buttermilk, soft cheese or another product? Thank you so much! Jackie Greer Medford OR 541-22-3130 detailed message okay.

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I would assume that your friend used the really thick whipping cream to make butter.It may have been ultra pasteurized. The "whey" that is leftover would be great buttermilk. She can drink it or using it in cooking. The only cheese that might work is ricotta. She could add a little vinegar to it and heat it to 180-190 degrees F and see if a ricotta curd forms.

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Nellie Oehler.

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