Help! I want to protect my tree from the emerald ash borer beetle.

Asked March 6, 2015, 2:07 PM EST

We have an ash tree in our backyard and have recently learned that it may be in danger from these invasive beetles. I looked it over after seeing the pictures of what infestation looks like and don't see a lot of evidence (maybe one or two holes) from eye level down. We live in Philomath and don't know if the beetles are a problem here yet or not? How can we protect this lovely tree?

Benton County Oregon

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Hello, so far the emerald ash borer is not yet in Oregon, Washington or California. The nearest report is in Colorado.

We are asking people to keep an eye out for un-explained ash tree mortality.

Wyatt Williams at the Oregon Dept of Forestry is our lead person regarding emerald ash borer.

Wyatt Williams, Ph.D.

Invasive Species Specialist, 2015 Chair, Oregon Invasive Species Council

Oregon Department of Forestry, Private Forests Division, 2600 State St. Bldg. D

Salem, OR 97310-0340, Office: 503-945-7472, Cell: 503-509-0869

Amy Grotta with OSU extension is developing an online training course, which may be of interest to you. It is scheduled to go online soon.

I hope this is helpful!