Finishing of beef to get more weight

Asked March 5, 2015, 1:29 PM EST

I am giving proper nutrition and feed balance to my beef and milking animals. My question is this: I want to increase the meat and body weight of my animals for finishing purposes. I want to know which enzymes or feed additives are being used for finishing of animals. I need to know their concentration (combination or formula of feed additives or enzymes) and quantity of feeding daily to animals for better feed efficiency and to get heavier weights for beef production.

Please send a patented feed additive or enzyme formulation; I will purchase the ingredients from my country and give to my animals.

Outside United States

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Enzymes like xylanase and cellulase
The results have been inconsistent at this time. Enzyme addition appears to be more efficacious in barley and forage based diets.
Other products
MicroCell & ProTerpative SF
BIozime has several dead yeast and other products
Alltech has Amaize and YeaSacc :
Diamond V has a yeast product as well called XP
Biosaf made by Saf Agri