for beef and mutton increasing of animals?

Asked March 4, 2015, 2:40 AM EST

helo , i am Atif from south Asia.
i need to know from last year to know about enzyme concentration(xylanase,mananase,phytase,protease,amylase,celulose,lipase,beta glucose,apha galactose,p nitrophnyl,).
i have 300 calves for beef purpose, 290 bucks for mutton purpose. i am feeding alott but they don,t get too heavy weight . so i want to give them feed additives(which increases their feed efficiency). please tell me patent combination of enzymes for getting more heavy weight like ste

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Enzymes like xylanase and cellulase
The results have been inconsistent at this time. Enzyme addition appears to be more efficacious in barley and forage based diets.
Other products
MicroCell & ProTerpative SF
BIozime has several dead yeast and other products
Alltech has Amaize and YeaSacc :
Diamond V has a yeast product as well called XP
Biosaf made by Saf Agri