Year old seed potatoes

Asked March 2, 2015, 9:31 PM EST

I have several potatoes that I planted last year and did not dig up. They are now sprouting. Will they produce more edible potatoes if I plant them as I would new potatoes? Thanks

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

Yes and no. Yes, they can produce edible potatoes, but they can also be hosts to diseases, pests and fungi, and they can also yield a potato of inferior quality, or not the potato you planted since they can revert back to the parent variety (not the seed potato you planted). I prefer to pull these and destroy the volunteer plants, especially since when you are good crop rotation practices to minimize disease and pests, you will not plant your potatoes in the same spot the next year. I have attached a few articles discussing this topic, with the caveat that my practice is not to use herbicides since I am an organic gardener.