How should I treat rosette disease?

Asked March 2, 2015, 6:24 PM EST

How do you suggest rosette disease be treated? Dig up diseased rose and throw it away? Use systemic insect control? Replace within two weeks? What do you recommend?

Dallas County Texas

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Rose rosette disease is prevalent in Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin counties. The best remedy at the moment is exactly as you described: Bag the rose first, cut it down, and dispose of it in the bag. If you have other roses, the possibility of these other ones getting this disease is very high. You might want to warn your neighbors of this disease if they have roses in their landscapes.

Planting a native variety plant in the space where the rose was is recommended. And waiting to do this is also recommended. A one- to two-week delay is also recommended. Currently there is no control (insecticide) for this tiny mite that transmits this disease. The mites only move about 1 meter, but are transmitted to other roses via the wind and attaching themselves to other living things, humans, pets, etc.