What is the best type of honeysuckle for container growing?

Asked March 2, 2015, 3:46 PM EST

Could you tell me the best type of honeysuckle for container growing? I have a 3-foot fence which I want to grow a honeysuckle along.

Outside United States

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Your choices will depend upon a number of factors, among them the size of the container you will use and the ability of the plant to survive your climate. Another consideration is whether the plant is considered invasive in your region. The final choice will depend upon the availability of the plant at local markets or by mail order.

Here are a few links which provide a number of things to consider:

- For warm climates such as in Florida: Honeysuckles Are Tempting, but Plant the Right Kind

- The Joys of Container Gardening discusses container gardening and has images of suggested honeysuckles in containers.

- Landscape Vines for Southern Arizona has suggestions for an arid climate.

- Vines: Growing a Living Screen offers suggestions for a cold climate:

You could also use your favorite search engine to locate honeysuckles suggested for your country. For instance: “honeysuckle vine for a container in YourCountryNameHere” – but don’t use the quote marks.