Asked March 2, 2015, 1:25 PM EST

How can we get rid of this nusiance ?

Weld County Colorado weeds

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Hello there-

Puncture vine is going to be virtually impossible to eradicate from wherever it's growing, mainly because they can build-up a very hardy seed bank in the soil. There are ways that you can work to try to control them- persistence is the key. You can mechanically dig them out, preferably before they flower and disperse seeds- but you need to be on top of this throughout the growing season.

You can also use chemical controls to deal with them. I have included a link, below, to the Weld County Weeds Department information sheet on 'Puncture Vine'. Please remember that the label on any herbicide is the law, and using them in an off label manner is considered illegal. Also, be sure to wear the proper clothing when dealing with any chemical herbicide.


Good Luck! Remember persistence is key.