How can I get rid of bermuda grass?

Asked February 28, 2015, 3:40 PM EST

I have bermuda grass in a side yard that has been there since we moved in. It has taken over both flower gardens at the front of my house on both sides of the front stoop. I dug it all up 2 years ago but it is back twice as bad, do you know how or if I can get rid of it?

Fayette County Kentucky

1 Response

Bermuda grass is one of the most difficult weedy grasses to control. The best approach is to use glyphosate to spot treat the Bermuda as soon as it is evident in June. Glyphosate is non selective and will kill\damage most plants including the lawn in these treated areas. After the initial spraying repeat twice more one month apart. after three treatments you will have killed much of the Bermuda. I would then reseed the dead spots with fescue in Early September. Since the kill will not be complete the Bermuda will recover and re-establish over time. Be prepared to repeat this procedure as needed in future years. You may never be successful in complete eradication but should be able to suppress it. Unfortunately this approach will result in large dead patches of lawn all summer in the areas being treated.