How can I deal with deterioring hardscape?

Asked February 28, 2015, 7:04 AM EST

When the barrier under the "decorative" rocks has deteriorated and weeds are emerging by the hundreds, can someone vacuum up the rocks so the ground can be returned to grass?

Northampton County Pennsylvania

3 Responses

A professional licensed landscape firm should be able to establish a grass area for you. Get bids as this project requires removal of material.

Thanks, G.

I'm on social security. I could re establish it myself if the rocks were gone. The question is, can they be vacuumed off or will I have to pull them myself because of the expense.

If I am thinking of what most landscape rocks are, you could try a steel tine rake upside-down to pull the rocks off. You may want to reach out to the boy scouts or church youth groups who are always looking for community service hours/ projects. They may be able to assist you getting to bare soil.

Thanks, G.