cream puff dough

Asked February 25, 2015, 9:12 PM EST

I live in the Denver/Metro area. I am trying to make cream puffs. The dough doesn't puff up as expected (as in Orange County California). I tried X 2. I'm guessing that maybe the dough needed to be cooked longer but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions before I try the third time tomorrow?

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There are several suggestions that may bring better results. 1. be sure not to heat water too long with butter--we lose a lot of moisture thru evaporation when bringing to bubbling point. 2. Be sure to beat the flour mixture thorougly (UNTIL REALLY GLOSSY) after adding each egg. 3. Increase oven temperature by 5-10 degrees 4. When completely browned turn off oven and leave puffs in oven as it cools. 5. remove puffs to coolilng rack when oven is cooled to 100 degress or so. 6. make a tiny air hole near the top each puff to allow moisture to escape as it cools completely. 7. do not fill until completely cooled

Thanks Janet, I made several changes because I had to have them by last Saturday.
I increased the oven temp.15 degrees. I used a recipe that called for milk instead of water (it was called Pate a Choux). I cooked the flour mixture a bit longer. I increased the flour amount to 3 tbsp. and the milk (moisture) 2 Tbsp. I baked the dough about 2 minutes shorter than was recommended. I left the puffs in the oven after turning off the temp. and just propped open the door a crack with a wooden spoon. The other two times that failed I did poke a hole in the dough as it sat in the oven to dry out and it seemed to fall....not sure if that was the reason or not so the third time I didn't and it was better and a big hit with all the stuffings and toppings. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I gladyou have had sucessful cream puffs now--if not I would recommend the hole not be punched until after the puffs have been removed from the oven. Thank you for contacting CSU Extension.