Scotch Broom Removal

Asked February 24, 2015, 2:17 PM EST

We are a small(37 houses) neighborhood in Taft, Lincoln City, and have a large invasive growth of Scotch Broom on the hillsides around us. We have researched the measures needed to deal with this but cannot find any private landscaping company to do the removal. Our landscaping person does not have the resources or expertise to do it. We are mostly elderly residents and cannot do this ourselves and volunteers from the community are not an option for insurance reasons. Do you have any suggestions for how we can address this problem? With the unusually good weather, we are anticipating an early growth this year. Thank you.

Lincoln County Oregon

1 Response

Cultural controls are your best option-best time is before they go to flower and definitely before they go to seed.
Broom seeds remain viable in the soil for at least 25 years or more, so eradication is an ongoing chore.
Hand pulling young plants and lopping off older ones to the ground is manually intensive but does work for a 2-3 year period and then yearly getting any new sprouts.
My only suggestion would be to possibly put an ad in the paper or online or check with your local nurseries for a maintenance company recommendation.