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Asked February 23, 2015, 2:10 PM EST

I have a beautiful florist roses in a vase of water. Four of them are starting to grow new leaves and branches. the rose is still blooming on top. it is about 11 days old and starting to grow. Is it possible to root? What do I have to do? What are my chances/ Thank you so much! Helen

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Sometimes they will root and sometimes they won't. You can try rooting hormone on the stem and place them in perlite, sand or sterile soil. You will want to bury them to the first node on the stem since that is where roots will most likely form.

Sometimes they will grow roots from the stem without any help. It probably depends on the variety an how it was produced. Some sources do not want you to propagate their plants so they are genetically altered not to grow from cuttings. They actually use tissue culture methods to propagate them.

The following site will give you more details on how to do it from a cutting.
You might want to check on line for indoor propagation. There will be some differences depending on your conditions.
I used the following terms rose propagation indoors to search for information.