Asked February 22, 2015, 12:40 PM EST

I recently bought property in east Albany. I want to pant a row of trees in the front of my house to provide shade and privacy. I would like a combination of deciduous and coniferous trees but have no idea what is best for my soil and how plant them to ensure they have a long, healthy life. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Linn County Oregon

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Knowing your soil type is the first big question to answer. You can go online to USDA Soil web and determine your soil type; or go the Natural Resource Conservation Service office, located just south of Tangent. Bring your tax statement which has your Township, Range and sections numbers. Address below:

Soil in Albany can be a huge limiting factor, i.e. - too wet of soils.

For the best trees, contact local nurseries such as Garland who have a large array of trees.

Or go to the Linn County Extension office for a list of local trees, they are located at: 33630 McFarland Road, Tangent, OR 97389
(541) 967-3871

Go to local nurseries to learn about the different trees in the Albany area to learn their size, shape and color as part of this process.

Check wiht the city of Albany, as they may have restriction on the type of tree that can be planted on property, if your land is in the city lmits, or along a side walk or under power lines. The city would have a recommended list of trees also.